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A night of comfortable sleep is directly proportional to a comfortable mattress. The plush, fluffiness, health benefits etc. factors are responsible for initiating a bed that is always snugly. With this, the bed can be inviting and attractive too, if it is quoted with stylish bedding like bed sheets and quilts. WoodenStreet has commenced a range of mattress and bedding that are truly worthwhile for a beautiful and dutiful bedroom. Swipe below to have a glance at the same!

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Bid adieu to sleepless nights! From comfort to hygiene, we have put them all in one mattress to meet different body needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the sizes of ultra comfort and ortho memory mattress?

The standard size of ultra comfort and ortho-memory mattress on our store are as follows: King size: 78L x 72W, Queen size: 78L x 60W, Single bed: 78L x 36W

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Mattress And Bedding: Galore Of Snug And Gorgeousness For The Bedroom

What makes bedroom the favourite place is the comfort of mattress and bedding styles that are eye-arresting. Mattresses come with several sizes for every bed need, be it single or double mattress or be it size variant. To complete the bed, bedding units are made with designs and patterns that match brilliantly with the same. WoodenStreet has so initiated a vivid range of mattress and bedding with several stuff that can fit the need of any bedroom. Whether it is for the bachelor or family, this range can fulfill every basic and leisurely necessities at its best.

Collection Of Mattress And Bedding At Woodenstreet

At WoodenStreet, you will encounter a far-flung range of mattress and bedding essentials with diversity for all needs. Some may turn to be too basic, while some are meant to give the kingly feel. Let’s throw light over everything that WoodenStreet offers in the range of mattress and bedding.


Mattresses are fabricated with several sizes so that whether it is for the family or that single child, every mattress can fulfill the need for comfort. Consider the example of WoodenStreet, who offer single bed mattress, king size mattress and queen size mattress. Also, they provide the facility of customization, which gives extreme convenience to get the right size. With this, the material of the mattress also plays a vital role as it ensures durability, comfort and the tendency to last longer. So, Wooden Street gives the options of Ultra comfort mattress and memory foam mattresses that have features that are plus to perfection. Some of these features include exceptional hypoallergic properties, a tendency to mold with the posture, maintain the body temperature and much more. Such mattress and bedding assortments are worth every buck!


With mattresses, the bedding stuff at WoodenStreet is also commendable to coordinate with the comfort as well as the decor of the place. WoodenStreet offers bedsheets and quilts under the range of bedding and each of these are definitely heart-warming. Bed sheets like Blue Pine Hand Block Print Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers, Pink Flora Hand Block Print Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers, Leafy Mesh Hand Block Print Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers etc. are handprinted which makes it an exclusive range. From floral to bold to intricate, various patterns of bedsheets can be found within the range. Along with bedsheets, WoodenStreet also offers quilts with deep weaving, bold colors and fabulous designs that are a win-win for decor and comfort. This includes everything that WoodenStreet can offer for a cozy and comfy bedroom. With this, WoodenStreet also provides a range of beds in all sizes and with additional features like storage, upholstery etc.

Why WoodenStreet?

  1. Durable Material: All the bedding stuff is made in cotton, which stays easy for all-weather and stunning according to the home decor . With this, the mattresses are also known for its five star rated quality, which will stay strong and snugly for coming many years. Therefore, the material and quality of mattress and bedding are unquestionable at WoodenStreet.
  2. Customization Facility: WoodenStreeet gives the facility to “customize the size” of the mattress too. So, your mattress and bedding are always up to the mark.
  3. Easier Purchasing Policies: It is always easy to buy mattress and bedding stuff online when you are browsing through WoodenStreet. The handy policies like low-cost EMI, 100 days free trial over the mattress, 24*7 customer support, free shipping, easy return policy, and free installation make it very convenient to purchase online.

A user-oriented purchase process and splendid mattress and bedding range are all that you can avail when you have to buy it online from WoodenStreet.

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Happy Words of our Happy Customers
comfy mattress for back pain
It was an incredibly satisfying experience with Wooden Street wherein I received this amazing and super comfortable mattress within time, and the product was more than what I expected. This was the first time I ordered online from Wooden Street. I am happy with the product. Loved your service !! Thank you so much, WS !!
Utkarsh Ahuja Mumbai
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I found Penguin Motif 5 Inch mattress very comfortable. My kids sleep peacefully on it now, without tossing and turning too much. I guess my kids love it more than I do. As claimed, it's excellent indeed. It is reasonably priced as compared to the market and has excellent quality and finish. I am thankful to Wooden Street for providing this amazing product.
Aachal Jain Bangalore
Buy Mattresses online India
This is the first time that I bought from Woodenstreet, and it's absolutely worth it. It is the best option when you have budget issues. This is worth the time, money and effort I had made to buy this product. Completely satisfied with the product. Thank you so much, WS Team !!
Vishaka Mehta Bangalore
back pain mattress in pune
The overall experience was good, this bed mattress took a longer time to ship and deliver but I am happy with the product and service. I would definitely recommend my friends buying through Wooden Street. The quality is up to mark. I am happy with Wooden Street's service. Thank you so much, guys !!
Avdit Mehra Pune
bed mattress online at cheap price
I was able to find the best on Wooden Street and instantly booked it. The shipment was delivered within the mentioned timelines. The quality mattress is made of high-quality coir and offers excellent comfort. The size is also perfect for my queen size bed in the bedroom. It was within my budget. Well, I conclude that I am delighted with the quality, service, and the awe-inspiring price offered by the Wooden Street.
Priyanka Gupta Pune
comfy bed mattress online
I had ordered a mattress for a king sized bed from Wooden Street and I am highly satisfied with it. It is so much comfortable to sleep upon and easy to clean as well. Happy customer I must say.
Sujata Ahuja Delhi
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